About My Classes

“Over the years I have done a few martial arts and this is the most effective and easy to learn”

Sgt. Jon Millbanks, Metropolitan Police

“Hi, I work at (top security institution with some very violent people) was attacked yesterday at work, they teach us basic stuff but I used a couple of techniques you showed us at (the) Seminar, just did them without thinking the assailant was eating carpet within 5 seconds definitely saved the staff from…getting injured…looked awesome and it worked so no bigger praise can be heaped on you, thank you”


“Your knife work is superb”

Renshi Anthony Pillage, Chief Instructor, Way of the Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts

“(your seminar) was superbly practical and clearly proved why so many techniques that look good are of little value in real life close encounters. Your style is the best out there for self defence.”

Swee Lip, former Chief Executive Master Sken Academy

“I work as a Bodyguard doing convoy protection and personal security detail in Iraq. I always train in Urban Krav Maga with Beyond Fighting in Leeds when I’m home on leave. Beyond Fighting’s self-defence training is some of the most realistic I’ve experienced, perhaps even more so than in my current job or as a Special Reconnaissance soldier in the Army . Would recommend Urban Krav Maga to anyone wanting incredible fitness and conditioning and the best self-defence training I’ve ever done”

Danny, Close Protection Operative-Hostile Environments

“If you want to know about Krav Maga, then check out the 6-disc DVD set by Stewart McGill…This is a very comprehensive, very instructional, first rate product presented by people who know what they’re doing…for anyone who has an interest in Self Defence, these 6 DVDs should have some space on your shelves.”

Peter Consterdine / Chairman of The British Combat Association

“Urban Krav Maga is a no-nonsense martial art that works!”

Bob Sykes / Editor / Martial Arts Illustrated magazine

“A great training session, thank you.
Feedback from the group was very positive.”

Head of Surrey Police Force’s Special Response Squad

“Fantastic! Stewart’s one-day seminar helped us greatly fill the gaps in our traditional system. the day was also very enjoyable and time flashed by. Highly recommended!”

Shihan Ian Scoulding, Martial Arts Instructor, Bristol

“The techniques were easily retained by the team, the majority of whom had never studied anything like Krav Maga, and it is testimony to both the system and Stewart\’s excellent instructional technique that all the team were able to retain and employ what was taught.”

Camden Street Crime Wardens Seminar

“You managed to make what were physical sessions both fun and informative..all my students have asked me to write to you thanking you. As you and I know, it is easy to impress people who are new to martial arts/self defence systems, but you managed to do so for all present, from white to black belt grades both male and female. I did wonder if you expected the range to also go from a lady of four foot eleven inches tall, weighing in at eight stone, to a six foot four, twenty stone man. Well done though, you managed to show us techniques that all could use (even for her to use against him, top stuff)”

Jim McEvoy, Chief Instructer, West Beckton Goju Ryu Karate Club

“Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn self-defence. This one definitely works”

Dave O’Keefe, Student

“Excellent self-defence training for women”

Dione, Bodyguard

About Krav Maga

“It has more self defence cred than any other system we know about – and we know quite a bit about the subject”

Combat Magazine, May 1996

“The simplicity of Krav Maga and its absolute effectiveness were startling. Perhaps most impressive was its ability to be equally effective for both males and females.”

Deputy Lawrence Garcia, Instructor, Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy

“The officers were deeply impressed not only by what they had learned but also by the excellence of the instruction..we believe it to be the finest such training that exists.”

Jeremy D Margolis, Director, Illinois State Police Academy

“Pressure tactics simulate real-life situations. the exercises bring out all the aggression necessary to survive a real-life attack.”

Sunday Times Magazine, Feb 1999

“The world’s best form of self-defence.
Very enjoyable and easy to learn”

Time out Magazine, March 1999